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JayJay's Gm App

Post by JayJay on Sat Dec 06, 2008 4:37 pm

Name: JayJay

Age: 14

IGN: JayJay

Time Zone: GST+12 (+13 Daylight savings hours)

Why you should be a GM:
I should be a GM because I iPandaMS is my favourite Private Server EVER, and i've been on ALOT of private servers. Also because I feel that I would be a good GM as im usually happy and friendly and because I wanna help people in iPandaMS even more than I may already do.

How many hours I play:
On weekdays: 5-6 hours
Weekends: Up to 15 ~ lol no life!!!

Why I want to be a GM:
I wanna be a GM because I want to help people and because I want to make it funner for other players

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