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Post by jackk on Mon Dec 15, 2008 12:04 am


Age: 17


Time Zone:AEST (UCT+10)

Why should you be a GM?: Well ive been a GM on a few servers, (Xplicit-story, SurrealMS, MeowMS) so i have experience, i know how to help players with enquiries and can fix most game related bugs. i live in australia, so at night time here there is a lack of GM's on and many players needing help. i am friendly and dont lose my temper very easily except over hackers because of the fact that if u needa hack a private server, u need a lkife.

How many hours do you play iPandaMS?:i play from like 1-6 hrs probably, coz im no holidays

Why do you want to be a GM?: i want to be a gm to help people, have a fun time, and ban hackers rofl, also i actually find it fun sumtimes to help people fix game related errors (i know sounds nerdy)

Other Things About You: well im intelligent, good personality, like making new friends, played gms for 3 years so i know what the games like.. umm one thing that is a set back about me is my parents, they hate the game and sometimes just walk in and turn my laptop off while im playing coz they hate it, if im not on its because im with friends or doing chores



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